Frequently Asked Questions

How come Fit Floors prices are so affordable compared to other stores?
This is one of many benefits of holding our stock in a warehouse, we get better prices from the supplier. Not only that, we also have no extra shipping and freight charges other companies add to the price of the product, which ranges between $.10-$.50 a sq ft.
How do I know how many boxes to order?
If you want floor for two rooms, for example, and one room is 12' by 15' you multiply those together, which equals 180 and that is your square footage. You will do the same with the next room and add it together. The next room is, say, 10' by 20'. This room equals 200 square feet, plus the other room of 180, for a grand total of 380 sq ft. To answer the question, now that you have your square footage. Each product description says how many sq ft are in a box. If you choose the 5mm click, there is 23.8 sq ft in a box. 380 divided by 23.8 equals 15.9 boxes. Because there are always off cuts during installation it would be a good idea in this scenario to order 17 boxes and the total will be calculated for you at checkout.
Can you drop off samples at my house?
Yes, we'd love to make our flooring and our services as accessible as possible. Give us a call or leave a note and we'll get back to you.
Are there extra freight charges if I buy from Fit Floors?
Absolutely not! This is one of the many benefits of buying with Fit Floors. When you order online those are the final prices. We will drop it off at your worksite for a small delivery fee.
When do you deliver flooring?
If you purchase some of our product you can choose to pick up, or have it delivered for $55. For now, deliveries are every Wednesday. If you have a special time requirement please let us know.
Where do I pick up my order?
We can deliver your new flooring right to your front door. For Salmo, Castlegar, Nelson area the delivery fee is $55. For further it is $110. However, if you chose to pick up your order you can come to our warehouse in Ymir for free. 8235 HWY 6 Ymir BC V0G 2K0 (Through the yellow gate)
Are you getting more colours or options?
Yes, we will be incrementally adding to our collections. An amazing new style and or colour will arrive several times a year. Sign up to our newsletter and be the first to know about upcoming specials and new products. If you are planning ahead for a project, we have thousands of colour palettes and style options to choose from if you are not in a rush. We also do large quantity orders for big building projects.
Can I install vinyl overtop of radiant or electric heated floors?
Yes, vinyl is incredibly versatile and makes for a perfect fit in basements or heated floors in bathrooms, for example, as long as the heat source is embedded in the subfloor. It's best to speak with an installer for best approaches for your scenario. We are happy to help.
Should I nail or screw my subfloor?
Although nails have great shear strength, screws will prevent squeaking and will not pop up if they missed the joist. This is especially true in high traffic areas where nails will have a great probability of moving and therefore squeaking.
Do you have contractor pricing or large quantity discounts?
Yes, we offer local contractors discount pricing for large quantity orders. For any customer ordering around 2,000 sq ft or $5,000, they will be eligible for contractor pricing.