Some Benefits of SPC Luxury Vinyl Click Floor

Recently, the DIY home improvement world has fallen in love with SPC click flooring. Rest assured, the excitement does not go unwarranted.


SPC stands for Stone Plastic Composite. The magical material is common for vinyl click flooring. Now you may be wondering, "why did they just refer to a material as magical?" It's because it has so many terrific benefits.


You might be wondering, what are those wonderful benefits? Here are just a few. 




Arguably the number reason why people love SPC click flooring is that it's 100% waterproof. Who doesn't want waterproof floors?


That reason alone brings its own list of benefits, including preventing mold and mildew growth on the floors.


Also, if you have little ones running around who tend to spill things, the waterproof feature allows for easy clean-up.


Fire Retardant


SPC is a terrific option for kitchens because it's waterproof, but an additional reason is that it's also a fire retardant.


No matter the area of your home, SPC click flooring can help reduce any concerns of your floor catching on fire.


Easy Installation


If SPC click flooring being waterproof and fire retardant isn't convincing enough for you, DIY homeowners will fall in love with the easy installation process.


Take a wild guess as to why it is so easy to install? It clicks together.


Our SPC click flooring has underlay already attached to the back - which means you get to skip a step. If waterproof isn't the number one reason why SPC click flooring is so fantastic - then it's definitely the easy installation.


Natural Sound Absorption


One of the most unfortunate things about traditional flooring options is creaking. SPC click flooring solves this with its underlay backing, which creates a natural sound barrier and a softness underfoot.


No more tip-toeing in the middle of the night to avoid waking your family.


SPC's natural sound absorption abilities also make it a fantastic flooring option for in-home studios.

Our SPC starts with a .5mm pad and goes all the way up to a 2mm underlay for high end installations. 


Tight Seams


Many would think that with click-in-place vinyl flooring, you would be left with a lot of loose seams. SPC is actually a fantastic option for avoiding this issue.


The tight seams have both practical and cosmetic benefits.


They help prevent water from seeping onto the backing - while also creating a luxurious look despite click flooring commonly being self-installed.


Scratch Resistant


One of the biggest cosmetic reasons someone would want to change their existing hardwood or laminate floors is because of terrible scuffs and scratches that are costly to repair or resurface.


SPC click flooring is scratch-resistant and maintains its beauty for years to come.


The scratch-resistant quality of SPC means you can say goodbye to regular maintenance routines such as buffing and polishing sessions on traditional hardwood surfaces.



The Benefits are Endless


The list of SPC click flooring benefits is endless. Did you know that it's also antibacterial, slip-resistant, and environmentally friendly?


There is no going wrong with this fantastic affordable flooring option. Check out our collection and send a message for samples or call for a quick flooring consultation.


And when you are ready, you can make your order right here on our website and it will be delivered right to your door.