DIY SPC Click Floor Installation Tips

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SPC click flooring is an excellent, affordable alternative to conventional hardwoods. The product comes in a wide range of styles, colors, and widths. And it is available for purchase right here on the Fit Floors website.


If you are a homeowner looking to install new flooring on your own, SPC click flooring is a fantastic option. Although it is one of the easiest to install flooring options, there are a few tricks that will help make the process seamless and give you incredible results.


Do you want to install click floors in your home? Continue reading to learn some excellent tips that will help you have million-dollar floors.


Prep The Subfloor


Vinyl click planks lay down best when you place them onto a smooth, level, and clean surface. Although our click flooring comes pre-backed with an antibacterial underlay - taking the time to buff, smooth, and clean the subfloor makes a tremendous difference in the life of your floor.


A belt sander with a coarser grit will do the job.


Map Your Layout


To gainful all the benefits of a DIY floor you need to do this first. The best way to avoid common flooring project complications is by mapping your floor layout.


Measure the area more than once to ensure that it's accurate. Take note of any bump outs and curvatures along the floor level of the walls. You will also want to decide the pattern in which you desire to place the planks. Often plank patters will repeat after about 6 planks, make sure you separate these so as not to have the same patterns next to each other. 


This step will also help you during your process of buying materials - it will let you know how much you need. It's best to purchase a bit more than you initially think you will need. Avoid the hassle of having to order more material when you have already started your project.


Measure Directly on the Plank


Do you want to know the secret to accurately cutting planks? Rather than using a tape measure, you can use the plank to measure and mark where it needs to be cut directly on the plank. Almost any power too works to cut SPC Click but the beauty of click is that you just need to score the front with an exacto knife and snap it in half. 


To get an accurate cut that perfectly lines up with the other planks and floorboards - lay down the plank where you want it and mark it with a pencil.


This step will offer you a visualization of where you want to place the planks.


Cut Your Trim Accordingly


One of the biggest mistakes people make during a DIY flooring project is not accurately cutting their trim. Ensuring your trim is cut perfectly to match your flooring will make all the difference.


You can do this one of two ways. You can remove the trim entirely and replace it once you complete your flooring installation. That will ensure your room has a professional look. Or you can cut your trim in place so that the planks slide perfectly underneath it. This is trickier to do but the right tools can make the difference. 


Good Luck


This may not be a step-by-step guide, but these pro tips will help turn a DIY project into a luxury renovation. Choosing an affordable option like Fit Floors will allow you to add value to your home without breaking the bank. All you need is a little effort, and your floors will look as incredible as a professional installation.